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East Coast Premiere
I had the honor of playing Lily Whitfield in the East Coast Premiere of Kenneth Jones' ALABAMA STORY at WHAT this fall, directed by Jeffry George. This beautiful play is spreading quickly around the country! See production stills on the photos page.
"Able beautifully captures the ambivalence of a Southern woman..." Cape Cod Times
"Able slowly and artfully alters her character’s rose-colored take on Southern life..." Cape Cod Chronicle
"The chemistry between Able and Thomas is lovely and palpable" Provincetown Banner
"Powerful Performances" Provincetown Magazine
"Beautiful Collaboration" Broadway World
Appearance on FX! 
Be sure to follow Denis Leary's Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll on FX! Tune in to the show on Thursday, September 1st at 10PM to watch me in the season finale!
"Haley: Chapter One"
Late November/Early December was spent filming a new pilot with the great director Greg Caifa."Haley: Chapter One" is a about a deadly game of cat and mouse between an unbalanced college teacher and an enigmatic coed. Much more to come from this great psychological thriller... Haley will be heading to the festival circuit June 2016!
Haley: Chapter One Facebook page  
"The Seance" 
In October 2015 I worked with the wonderful Leigh Scott on a new short horror film called "The Seance". The short is in the style of 1920s silent films and follows four women who travel to a famous medium hoping to contact loved ones from beyond the grave.....
Available very soon to watch!
Uber Productions Facebook Page 
Time Stands Still at WHAT- Aug/Sept 2015 


I had the most amazing time this last month portraying Mandy Bloom in Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies. Check out some of our reviews below! 
"Most Emotionally Resonant" Boston Globe
"Able is a seemingly lightweight character depth and warmth" Wellfleet Local
"Keenly represents Mandy" Cape Cod Times
"Wonderfully played by Samantha Able as the comic nuance of the story" Barnstable Patroit
"Beautifully raw production" Broadway World
Film Project IN THEATERS!
I recently had the honor to film for the new movie Back in the Day. The film is written and produced by William DeMeo and directed by Paul Borghese. Check out the website to see where you can watch in theaters or online right now!
Back in the Day
Watch the Trailer
Follow the Facebook Page
Lifetime Movie Network
Check out my episode "Cougar" from the show I Love You... But I Lied. It just aired on LMN in April! 
I Love You...But I Lied
The One Love Foundation
My short Film "Escalation" is being workshopped in schools and Universities across the country! Be sure to check out the links below. 
The Escalation Workshop
One Love on Facebook
Movie Trailer
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